Londie London reveals why her union with Hlubi Nkosi ended.

The two were together since 2018 (on and off) and their relationship was blessed with two children.

Recently speaking on an interview with L-Tido, the singer said the man who used to care about her, and prioritise her happiness changed to a man who didn’t care about what she does with her life.

“So many things happened. When you started off as a consistent man. A man who was supportive, a man who did whatever it took to make your woman happy and you stop doing those things, what is going to happen? It got to a point where the relationship was very dark for me. There was no support. He was still living his bachelor life and I had plans alone, when we had the plans together,” she said.

Early this year, it was reported that Londie left because Hlubi was bringing in a second wife, which was contrary to their agreement.

Speaking with L-Tido, London slammed the report.

“It was never because of a woman. It was never because of cheating. It was just because we didn’t see eye to eye. We didn’t have the same aspirations as we had in the beginning and, for me, I felt like he switched up on me. I feel like he changed. I feel like he lied more than anything … I stopped my music career, became a mother, stayed at home … and this man.”