Crossdresser James Brown has disclosed that his lifestyle as a crossdresser doesn’t define his sexuality as he has a girlfriend and, even though it’s his first experience with a girl, he’s happy.

Most of these crossdressers are seen to be gays because of how they dress and behave like women but guess James Brown isn’t in that category as he has disclosed that he has a girlfriend who he’s recent with and has every intimacy with.

According to James Brown, it’s his first time being with a girl and it happened when he went to the UK and for that, we can say going to the UK has helped him really well that he got a partner to enjoy every moment with and also to show us he’s not gay.

Some netizens appear not to believe James Brown but others do because how someone behaves doesn’t necessarily determine his/her sexuality and this is something we all need to understand just as James Brown has shown us in this video

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