Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri has apologies and blamed herself for her bad attitude in the last 9 months on pregnancy as she apologizes to all those she offended claiming it’s pregnancy hormones.

Ruth welcomed her 2nd child and it came as a surprise to most of us because nobody has an idea that she was pregnant and that’s because she kept it off social media until the baby arrived.

The actress believes she might have offended some people whom she needs to apologize but then blamed her pregnancy for her actions saying it was because of pregnancy hormones that made her offend all those she offended.

She Wrote;
Any body i offended in last 9monthd pls forgive me it's pregnancy harmonies. But any body offended in the 9 last months avoid me. You have issues. 😂😂😂😂 

According to her, if she offended you in the past 9 months, forgive her because it was because of pregnancy hormones but then if you offended or wronged her in any way, stay away from her because you’re toxic to her and have issues.

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