Police Detain Abuja Lady Who Raised False Kidnap Alarm On Twitter

Police Detain Abuja Lady Who Raised False Kidnap Alarm On Twitter


The Nigerian Federal Capital Territory Police Command has detained a lady identify as Ameerah Sufiyanu, the Twitter user who raised a false kidnap alarm on the platform last week.

Ameera had, in a series of tweets last Tuesday, alleged that she and 17 other victims were abducted at gunpoint from different parts of Abuja by men in police uniform and driven off in a van and later separated into two groups.

She also tweeted the locations of the alleged kidnappers, claiming they were unaware that she was on a phone.

The police quickly swung into action to rescue the alleged victims, but later disclosed in a statement that they had found Ameera and debunked the alleged kidnapping.

The lady then took to Twitter on Monday, June 20, to apologize to the general public and the Nigerian police force for raising a false alarm.

According to her, she had intentionally taken herself out of her house to those locations and starved herself for four days.

”I intentionally took myself out of our house, went to these locations, entered bushes and dehydrated and starved myself for four days just like that, there was no kidnapping, nothing at all, I truly apologize and please pray for me. I Need it.” 

However, the FCT police command has now confirmed that Ameerah is in police custody as an investigation is ongoing.