"No Sex Rule" Really Means In The 2022 World Cup

"No Sex Rule" Really Means In The 2022 World Cup


2022 FIFA world cup that is set to commence on November in Qatar has  approach with some strict rules have been made.

The world cup will held in Qatar is an Arabic country that they constitution doesn't allowed unmarred to have sex, and they have made it clear that it is only married people that are allowed to have sex during the competition.

The competition is going to take a new shape as it has been confirmed that any body who is unmarried that has sex during the competition will face the consequences which is seven seven years in prison.

Sex outside marriage is illegal in Qatar.

Qatar is known for there high religious beliefs and they have included strict rules which will see unmarried footballers and football fans abstaining from sex during the World cup tournament in November.

Anybody unmarried person who is caught having sex will risk going to prison.