My Daughter Says Wild Things Everyday Immediately After Waking Up - Simi



Nigerian singer Simi, took twitter and post that her daughter says wild things right after she wakes up, the singer said that her cute daughter, Deja always says random and wild things immediately she opens her eyes.

The singer who disclosed that the latest one she said was “it’s a hexagon,” has decided that she needs to do a series on the things Deja says daily.

She Posted

I need to do a series on the things Deja says right after she wakes up. Today it was “it’s a hexagon.” Lol. She always says something random immediately she opens her eyes. It’s wild and I love it.

It is always exciting for mothers to hear their baby say their first word, and this is no different for Simi as she revealed the first colour her daughter Deja learnt to say, was purple

She wrote

The first color Deja learnt to say was Purple

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