I’m minding my business, please mind yours” Banky W replied to Samklef


Nigerian singer and aspiring politician, Banky W has replied to his former record act, Samklef who recently called him out.

It was reported that Samklef had dragged his former record label boss, Banky W for ripping him off Wizkid’s album and for being controlling.

Samklef claimed that Banky W wanted to control Wizkid with his bossy attitude

He alleged that Banky W humiliated him and told Wizkid to rip him off his Pakurumo song right in his presence. However, Wizkid’s humble nature didn’t a

Banky W respond and bagged him to remove his name out of his mouth and handle his own business

He also reminded him that his own name isn’t included in the album and he doesn’t enjoy any royalties from the album.

Banky W respond

I don’t think you understand that my name is not there and was never there. EME’s name is not there. We have never taken a dime of these royalties and never will. We have never controlled them. You need to take this up with whoever is controlling this and for goodness sake stop talking about me. I’m not the one in charge.. I’m minding my business, please handle yours

He later give him to talk to worked

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