Ent. News: What Burna Boy and his mum disagree the most


On an interview with African Voice Burna Boy mum tell what the she and her son disagree the most 

The Mum said 

We don't think we spending should be money on the same things.

He used to say he want you know i want to create this i want this, i want that and i want it to look like this even for video shoots i want a thousand people there i want to be on top of the tallest building in the world.

So he comes up with really crazy ideas not even think about what it cost or what is doesn't cost and so my first my reaction used to be no that's not going to work i mean how we going to make that money back. 

And then i leaned, well okay, you know, it's not no is just let's find a way of still making it look like he www wants or closer to he wants without spending as much.

Watch The Video Below 

Burna Boy behind the scene video


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