Series Movie: Sanda Episode 8



Since from episode 1 when Amira rescue Sanda when some thug attack him and she take him to her house, since then Sanda never leave the house try to get out but no way.

Her husband come back when Sanda was trying to leave she do everything possible to convince her husband go to shopping so that Sanda will get a chance to leave.

But unfortunately her friend Asama'u come to the house and her husband said they should go back in to have a dinner.

She really confused because she don't know what to do, and Sanda was inside thinking about his mom Ammi cause his sister said they need him. 

And doctor said nothing she can do for Ammi until she see the scripts and list of medicines that her doctor is giving her.

Let's how Sanda will leave the house or will Amira find a way out for him

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