Series Movie: Labarina Season 4 (Episode 6)



After the died of Mahamud Sumayya disappear and investigation is going on, her boyfriend Sagir said he is suspecting Presdo even dough he is not in the country but he said his boys can do it for him.  

But there's something that will make you confused her mum said she left house with her car and latter found out that she disappear or been kidnap but her phone, bag, and money all was found in the car.

If its true that Sumayya was disappear or kidnap then there must be a reason behind.

In the other part Dan Audu ask Umar to show any single person that owe Mahamud but Umar refuse, and latter Mahamu Mother Jummai send Dan Audu out of her house.

Now let's watch this episode to find out the reason behind Sumayya disappear or kidnap.

Watch Below 


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